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I’m going to be telling you several short stories about life at the farm with the help of two little ponies... Bubbles & Chico

Welcome to Fairytale Pony Farm
Fairytale and Little Lucy Lollipop
Fairytale (who the farm is named after) with her daughter, Little Lucy Lollipop

There’s an element of truth in most of our tales but occasionally we’ve let our imagination run away with us.


Before I go any further...
I’d like to introduce myself and my two co-writers!


My name is Margaret Hayles
I live at Fairytale Pony Farm along with several miniature ponies of all colours, shapes and sizes and, of course, Bubbles and Chico who are going to help me write some of the stories.

Bubbles is one of the sweetest, cheekiest and most adorable little stallions in the world and also one of the smallest. He loves showing off and being the centre of attention, and he usually is because he’s so cute!

I’m writing three of the stories...

Bubbles and Me
Bubbles and Margaret
...and I (Margaret) am writing the rest.

...I’m writing two of them...

Chico is Bubbles’ youngest son. Although they look alike and are the same size, that’s about as far as it goes. Chico isn’t as full of his own importance as his father is! he’s much quieter and loves adventure.

Not only are the books entertaining and amusing but informative as well.
There's some happy stories but also some sad ones, and finally... lots of lovely pictures.

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