Fairytale Pony Farm - Miniature Ponies

For children of all ages, enjoy a few minutes with our selection of puzzles.
Simply click on the type of puzzle you would like to try.

Games for Younger Players

*NEW* Jigsaw Jumbles *NEW*
Can you put back together our broken puzzle?

Look & Find
Where in the main picture do the smaller pictures go?

Odd One Out
Which is the odd picture out in the series?

Match Game
Which 2 pictures in the set are identical?


Games for Older Players

Trivia Games
Test your knowledge with these challenging trivia games

*NEW* Jigsaw Puzzles *NEW*
Can you put together a selection of our jigsaws?

*NEW* Wordsearches *NEW*
Find the hidden words concealed in the grid

Please let us know what you think of our puzzles and what kind of puzzles you would like to see via our contact us page.

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