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Common Pony & Horse Words

Colt is the name for a male or boy foal

Equine is another name for a horse or pony

Farrier is the person who puts shoes on horses, or in the case of mini pony - he just trims their feet.

Filly is the name for a female or girl foal

Foal is the name for a baby horse or pony

Gelding is a stallion who cannot become a daddy

Hands is the unit of measurement when measuring horses and ponies (see below)

In-foal means a mare has a foal in her tummy

Mare is the name for an adult female horse or pony

Paddock is the name for a small field in which horses or ponies are kept

Stallion is the name for an adult male horse or pony

Stud is a stallion who could become a daddy


Measuring a Horse or Pony

Measuring the size of a horse or pony

A horse or pony is measured from the withers to the ground.

They are measured in hands (the average hand is 4 inches)

So Bruno, the pony on the left, stands 34 inches - that’s 8 1/2 hands.

A horse is classed as anything over 15 hands and a pony is 15 hands or under. A miniature pony/horse is 34 inches and under.

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