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Please listen to my advice

If you are thinking of getting a miniature pony, Amy would like to offer you a few words of wisdom first...

Owning a miniature pony is far from a case of having a small paddock next to your house and thinking that it would be nice to put a cute little pony in it like me to keep the grass down or make the place look pretty.

We require at least half an acre per pony and a big horse needs an acre. We actually need quite a lot of looking after. Firstly, we hate to be on our own and like to  have a friend, whether it be a big horse or another tiddler like me. We want a shelter in the field so we have somewhere to go when it's wet and windy. We need worming regularily, our feet trimmed every 6 weeks and a visit from the horse dentist once a year.

 Make sure your fencing is safe because when Mum first got me she didn't realize how clever I was at escaping! I'd made friends with a horse next door. We use to neigh to each other and one day, I thought it was time we met up, so I rolled under the fence to go and see him and then rolled under his fence to get into his field, until one day Mum caught me and put an end to my antics by putting another strand of wire along the bottom and by the way never use barbed wire for fencing.

And finally ... we love lots of kisses and cuddles.

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