Fairytale Pony Farm - Miniature Ponies

I'd like to dispel a myth that Shetland ponies and miniature horses are bad-tempered and bite.

As long as they are treated kindly from the day they are born with plenty of love and affection and not spoilt then they are just adorable and make lovely pets for children.

By spoiling them. I mean:

    Don't give them titbits like - carrots, apples, polos, or sugar lumps, because - if you do - they will expect something from you every time you visit them, and when you don't have something for them they can turn nasty and may kick or bite you. It’s just like a spoilt child who gets sweets from Granny everytime she goes to see them, and the one time she doesn't have any for them they get all grumpy. 

So please, plenty of kisses and cuddles but no titbits.

All these pictures were taken by Lindy Woodhouse at
The Golden Oak Stud"

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