Fairytale Pony Farm - Miniature Ponies

I’d like to say thank you to:


Maureen Staplehurst

For reading through my typescript with an eagle eye looking for my mis-spellings and grammatical errors - she found some and made a few amendments!


Danni Segal

For teaching me web design. I can assure you he had endless patience with me because
I'm not brain of Britain and I need to be told something several times before it sinks in! But... It did eventually,
and proudly I can say that I was able to, not just write the stories, but to design the whole book myself.

Lindy Woodhouse of The Golden Oak Stud

For helping me out when I was so ill in 2005. By sending a horsebox to pick up most of my ponies,
and looking after them for 3 months until I was better and further more: not charging me a penny - not even for
the horsebox - and Lindy lives at least 200 miles away from me so... Many thanks again Lindy.



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I've written and designed the book and taken most of the pictures.

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